The First Dose of Me

24 Jan

Here I am on Spirit, my main man.

Hey all! My name is Larissa Frei and I am a senior at University of Oregon. Originally from Corvallis, (yes, home of the Beavers) I often get the age-old “you traitor!” And yes, I may have switched sides, but I came to UO with good reason: I have high hopes in pursuing the exciting art of public relations. In addition to my love for PR, I have always had a passion for health, leading me to minor in human physiology as well. Hoping to bridge the worlds of PR and health, I am writing this blog to (hopefully) provide insights and perspectives on how to  use PR to make effective health messages – ones that will really have an impact on people.

Disneyland Marathon last September

Along with being a PR practitioner in training, I am a dedicated horseback rider (Arabians, to be specific) and have been for more than 12 years. I own four horses who reside in Junction City, and with them I have traveled all over the continent to show them at the regional and national levels. Other than horses, I recently got over the rainy weather of Eugene and took an interest in running. I ended up surprising myself and loving running so much that to date I  have run four marathons (currently training for No. five).  I am also a peer health educator for the UO Health Center and work at the UO Financial Aid Office, four years and counting. Other than that, I love being as active and involved with every aspect of my life as possible, and any other spare time that I have is usually used up pursuing my addiction to sushi and frozen yogurt.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about me, so on to the blogging 🙂

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